PG Slots Currency - Get Self-Guided



Bulgaria is one of the few European Union member states that still uses its own currency – the Bulgarian LEV (BGN) with a currency rate of 1 EUR = 1.95 lv.. Be careful when going to a CHANGE bureau. Check the exchange rates in advance and look for a sign with NO COMMISSION.

Avoid changing money on the airport and in hotels because you will not get the best rate.

A few checked and trusted change bureaus you can find here: гр. Sofia, 36 Graf Ignatiev str., (map), 44 Dondukov blvd (map), 20 Knyaginya Maria Luiza (map), 2 Jordan Yosifov (map).

Cash or credit?

Make sure you always have a bit of cash along as small shops and restaurants may    still not be equipped with a pos-terminal. The same applies to any kind of street shops and small bakeries.