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10 Cool Things to Do in Sofia


You booked your flight, you’ve come to town and now you’re ready to have some fun. The only question is what and where? You want to explore the city and enjoy a variety of fun activities but you’re not sure where to start from? Here’s our list of 10 cool things to do in Sofia, depending on your specific interests!


Pub Crawl

One thing you will notice, especially in the warmer months – everybody is out drinking. We do love to have a drink or two (or three), chat and have fun with friends. So one of the things to do in Sofia at night is to hop on and enjoy the ride along with the locals. Check out the nightlife of Sofia by booking a tour with Sofia Pub Crawl and mingle with locals and foreigners in a night to remember.

Pub Crawl Sofia


Escape Rooms

One of our favorite things to do in Sofia are the escape rooms. Sofians love solving the mysteries presented by the escape rooms. So if there is one thing that’s sure – escape rooms are a great way to have fun like locals do. Check out Dextrophobia, Questomania or 3 Kеy Rooms.


Climbing Adventure

If you’re the sports type, yet you’re bound to stay in Sofia or the weather simply doesn’t allow you to go for a bike ride around town, well, you can still have some adventure and fun. Walltopia is a large climbing gym not too far from the center, where you can enjoy the largest climbing wall in Sofia and choose from routes up to 19 meters high and diverse boulders. If the weather is on your side and you’re traveling with your children, then you can check Kokolandia – an adventure park located in Borisova garden. The park offers various climbing obstacles and fun activities suitable for different ages.

Kokolandia adventure park Sofia


Board Games Bar

If you consider yourself geeky and your idea of fun is a night spend with friends playing boarding games – well, you can do it in Abordazh, a boarding games pub. Enjoy tens of different boarding games over a pint of beer in the center of Sofia.

Abordazh board game club


Lake Pancharevo

If the weather allows it, you should grab a cab or take the public transport bus 1 or 4 (bus stop located by the Inter Expo Center – Tsarigradsko Shose Metro Station) and go visit the lake of Pancharevo. Located just in the outskirts of Sofia the lake has a lot of sport activities to offer. Get ready for some running, hiking and biking trails surrounding the lake. You can also enjoy mineral water springs all year long and a beach at the summertime. Our favorite thing to do by the lake is kayaking for only 10 leva per hour.

Lake Pancharevo


Boyana Church

The Boyana Church is a medieval Orthodox church located in the outskirts of Sofia. You can get to the Boyana Church in the Boyana neighborhood by bus 64 or by cab. Surrounded by a beautiful park, Boyana Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its exceptional architecture and Christian frescoes. The two-storey church was built in three stages with the first dating back as early as the 10th century. Learn more by hiring an English guide to introduce you to the history of the Boyana church.

Boyana church


Enjoy the View from Vitosha

Having a mountain so close to the city is a precious gift for us Sofians. One cool thing you can do is to enjoy the view of the city from up top. You can get to the Golden Bridges (“Zlatnite mostove”) by bus 63. Once you reach the Golden Bridges, which is literally a stone river running down the slope, you can get to the top by a short hike. Up top is Kopitoto – the area where the old TV tower is located (we’re sure you can see it from wherever you are in Sofia) and it offers an unforgettable view of the city down below.

View of Sofia from Vitosha


The Parks of Sofia

Go for a walk around the beautiful parks of Sofia, one of the positive remains from the communist times. Back when a proper city included enough green parks to be enjoyed by every neighbourhood. The parks in Sofia are plenty and you can run into them even if you didn’t plan it. Our favorite one is Borissova Garden – a huge park that offers all kinds of sports and leisure activities, including our favorite outdoor bar Maimunarnika.

City Garden Sofia


Archeological Museum

Probably our favorite museum in Sofia. Trace back millenia to the people who have been living on the lands of current Sofia. A great way to learn more about Bulgaria, its culture and its ancient history. You can hire an English guide for 10 euro.

Archeological Museum Sofia


Traditional Gourmet Food

If fun for you includes all matters of the palate and you want to try something traditional, yet exquisite, than you should try Cosmos restaurant, located in the very center of Sofia on Lavele 19. Though relatively pricey for the standards of Sofia, Cosmos is a must try kind of place. It offers fine cuisine, reinventing typical Bulgarian food or dishes. Cosmos’s chefs sure know how to blend traditional ingredients from Bulgarian’s culinary culture with their own imagination.

Cosmos restaurant

These are just a small part of all the cool things to do in Sofia. If you want a guided experience of the city’s main attractions – make sure to check out our self-guided tours. It’s affordable and convenient – you’re only bound to your own tempo and preferences!