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The Most Popular Shopping Areas in Sofia


When visiting Sofia even the most unorthodox tourists want to buy something for themselves or as a gift, whether a piece of clothing or a souvenir. For all of you who don’t really know where to look for stuff – here’s our quick and easy guide to the best and most popular shopping areas in Sofia.


Vitosha Str.

One street that has it all… When you come to Sofia you most probably will end up striding along Vitosha Str., named after the stunning scenic view of Vitosha mountain you can enjoy from any point of the street. It’s the widest pedestrian street in Sofia which slowly turned it into the very place for tourists. Cafes, restaurants and pubs are combined with souvenir shops and clothing stores from affordable brands like H&M to more haute couture options. Book stores, pharmacies and optics – Vitosha is a main shopping street in Sofia that has plenty to offer. Keep in mind it’s usually crowded most time of the day and the year, so if you’re the shy away type that is not your place.

Shopping area Vitosha street


Shishman Str.

Located a few blocks away from Vitosha, Shishman Str. offers a little different shopping atmosphere. Plenty of hand-made stores combined with book stores, among which our favorite Elephant Book Store. On Shishman you can still find a souvenir, but less traditional and more universal. Shishman has a lot of cute cafes and bars all over, so you can combine your shopping quest with some pleasant time drinking coffee or a refreshing beer.

Shishman Street


Graf Ignatiev Str.

Graf Ignatiev Str. is another shopping area street in Sofia that begins near Vitosha Str. and ends all the way by the Vasil Levski Metro Station. It’s a pedestrian street with a tram line passing through but less crowded than Vitosha. On Graf Ignatiev you can find plenty of shoe shops, from a variety of brands. You can also enjoy quite a few bookstores as well as other clothing and accessories shops.

Shopping area Graf Ignatiev street


Serdika’s Underpass

We can call Serdika’s underpass the shopping center for souvenirs in the center of Sofia. If you’re looking for a classical souvenir, then this is the place to go. There is a bunch of souvenir shops offering mugs, t-shirts, key holders and all kinds of last-moment presents for your loved ones at home.

Shopping area Serdica Underpass


The Malls

If you don’t have time to look around for stuff and you really need to buy yourself something – you can always do it in one of the many shopping centers in Sofia. Sofians are in love with shopping in the mall, so you will probably run into a crowd of locals, especially on weekends. The good thing about malls is that you really have it all: clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, pharmacies and many more. The malls you can choose from that are easily accessible through public transport are: The Mall, Serdika Center, Park Center, Paradise Center, Bulgaria Mall.

Shopping mall Sofia Park City Center


Of course, there is always the other option – to just start walking, get lost and allow the little shops to find you and not the other way around. Sometimes we prefer it that way. If you need some extra help getting around or you have something specific in mind and need someone to design a shopping itinerary for you, feel free to contact one of our consultants. They are always ready to help and give you some insider’s tips, including those hidden gems only the locals know of.