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Self-Guided Tours in Bulgaria


What is a self-guided tour?

In case you are still wondering how is it possible to be by yourself and “guided” at the same time, we have one very short and simple explanation for you.

A self-guided tour is one where the traveler has a route, information, and some amenities arranged, but is responsible from getting between point A and B each day on their own. Self-guided tours do not include the support of a hired guide, although sometimes self-guided tour providers can help with accommodation, luggage transfers, maps and pointers for navigation.

So in other words a self-guided tour is the perfect vacation for the independent couple or group of friends & family looking to take advantage of the ultimate freedom in travel.


The “Get Self-Guided” idea and team

Every time we visit a new city we are looking for the perfect balance between the charm of wandering around town freely and the pragmatic benefits of knowing where you’re heading to next. Sometimes you just can’t join the guided tours (timing, organisation, etc.) or you just prefer to explore on your own. Inspired by the quest to find the perfect balance between being guided and being independent, we created “Get Self-Guided”.

“Get Self-Guided” is an online platform for self-guided tours in Bulgaria, designed for those of you who are curious and brave enough to explore on their own, offering an easy and fun way to get your way around while remaining independent and flexible.

We, the team behind “Get Self-Guided” are city and mountain guides, event and marketing professionals, but above all we are a bunch of enthusiastic travelers. From Chile to Morocco and from Florida to Thailand, we have always been passionate about exploring the world and embarking on all kinds of adventures.

And we are more than eager to share with you everything we know about travel, history, culture, events, and hospitality in Sofia and Bulgaria!

Along with the very places that defined the historical, cultural background and development of our country, we want to share with you the hidden gems that we, the locals love and are proud of!


How does it work?

Apart from navigation and trackers for each point you are visiting, your self-guided tour will encompass both popular touristic information and little known details that will make your experience thorough and real.

Where do locals eat breakfast on their way to work? What’s the story behind the beautiful buildings in the city center? Who is that guy on the horse in front of the parliament and why do Bulgarians say “knock on wood”?

“Get Self-Guided” will answer those and many more questions about Sofia and Bulgaria.


What do we offer?

We can offer you three different travel solutions and services:

  1. Standard self-guided tours – these tours are created to fit any traveler’s desire to see and walk through the main sights of Bulgaria’s most important tourist cities – starting from the capital Sofia, we are soon aiming to also cover Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna and Burgas.
  2. Custom tours – specifically crafted upon request self-guided tours in line with the client’s expectations, desires and wishes for the travel including- careful hand-picking of locations, itineraries, accommodations and all other needs.
  3. Travel consultations – when you have planned or are planning a trip but you need some expert local support and ensure you have made the right choices. A consultation with us is a flexible way to get your way around while creating your own path.

Awake your curiosity, buckle up and get ready to become the explorer you really are!

With “Get Self-Guided” you are the captain of your own adventure.

We share, you experience!