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8 Benefits of Self-Guided Tours


If you are still wondering if a self guided experience will be your thing, make sure to consider the pros and cons in advance. Here are 8 benefits of self-guided travel we thought might help your research!


1. Time-saving

Research could be stressful and sometimes you do not have that kind of time to dig and dig until you find all the things you want to see, all the places you want to go and all the things you want to do. Instead you can trust professionals in designing just the trip you are dreaming of and then let you explore with no fear of missing out.


2. Cost efficiency

Having a guide present during your trip is great, but sometimes it can be too expensive. Small groups or solo travelers cannot always afford to have a guide, so the self-guided option could drastically optimize the trip costs.


3. Independence

There is a great amount of freedom that comes with self-guided tours. It is surely much higher of having a guided tour, but still it is not as independent as being a completely independent traveller. However travelling independently is not for everyone and unless you’re completely cut out for it, it could be quite stressful with a lot of room for error.

With a self-guided tour, you get the feeling of independence along with the safety of knowing that everything is organised and arranged for you.


4. Choice of Routes

When you are not part of a thoroughly mapped route you can apply your own vision how to get from A to B. Especially when you are feeling challenged or curious you can always have a variety of walking routes being able to choose from gentle, moderate and difficult tours, allowing you to choose how far you walk each day!


5. Flexibility

Guided tours often tie you down to a date when there is a larger group of people going. With a self-guided tour, you can choose whatever day you want to start on. Moreover you are free to pick your sightseeing stops along the way, decide to linger a little over for lunch, or set off an hour earlier to catch the best time of day.

You’re basically free to stop wherever you like, whenever you like and how often you like as well taking as many pictures you like. The freedom of the tour is all yours!


6. Interaction

If you are on your own there won’t be as much social interaction as on a guided tour with a group, but don’t hurry with conclusions that this will make you feel lonely. The truth is that when on a self-guided tour you’re far more free to interact with the locals of the area you’re visiting, and this is the best way to really dive deep into the experience. Interacting with the locals gives you a much more authentic experience, while also giving you the ability to choose when you want to interact, and who with.


7. Accommodation

With a self-guided tour, your accommodation can be fully booked before you even start travelling. You’ll be assured of a comfortable place to rest your head after a day of travelling.


8. Self-Satisfaction

The self-satisfaction that comes with completing a self-guided tour is far greater than that of a guided tour. You truly feel a sense of accomplishment as you have navigated your way along the trail of your choice.


Due to these and many more benefits self-guided travel is becoming more and more popular among travellers who love exploring.

If you are one of them – contact us and get your custom self-guided tour for any destination in Bulgaria.