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We, the team behind “Get Self-Guided” are city and mountain guides, event and marketing professionals, but above all we are a bunch of enthusiastic travelers. From Chile to Morocco and from Florida to Thailand, we have always been passionate about exploring the world and embarking on all kinds of adventures.

And we are more than eager to share with you everything we know about travel, history, culture, events, and hospitality in Bulgaria!

Margi had her first job as an accountant so long ago, that luckily she doesn’t really remember it. Ever since, she has been spending all her time in the nature, travelling, gardening and staring at the stars.
Sasho is a traveller by heart and a mountain guide by profession. His hobby is to explore new mountains, new places, new people and new business ideas.
Nadya has been working in marketing for the last six years and just recently discovered the world of digital marketing where she would like to advance.
Stella did her first big hitch-hiking trip around East Europe 10 years ago and ever since she just can’t stop travelling!
Maria is a certified tour guide, specializing in creating custom trips and memorable experiences in Bulgaria.
Mariana is a writer by education and vocation. She seeks inspiration in people and loves staring at them when they don’t see her.