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10 Cool Things to Do in Sofia


You booked your flight, you’ve come to town and now you’re ready to have some fun. The only question is what and where? You want to explore the city and enjoy a variety of fun activities but you’re not sure where to start from? Here’s our list of 10…

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Your Delicious Guide to Traditional Bulgarian Food


Almost every foreigner visiting Sofia for the first time wants to try traditional Bulgarian food that’s unique to our country. Keep in mind that Balkan cuisine has common features thanks to our centuries long and quite messy life together on the peninsula. But hush, quiet, you didn’t hear it…

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Where to Have Breakfast in Sofia?


Even though the culinary world has changed immensely over the past years, with foods and meals from all over the world now being accessible almost anywhere, there is no doubt that every nation is attached to its traditional breakfast. The English are still in love with their eggs and…

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The Best Work-friendly Cafes in Sofia


More and more digital nomads choose Sofia as their current hub and the city must meet their needs with enough cool work-friendly cafes that offer stable wifi, comfortable workstations and pleasant atmosphere.

The good news is that Bulgaria has one of the fastest wifi connections in the whole world. On…