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What is travel consultation?

If you’re looking for more specific information, if you have a trip in mind but you’re not quite sure how to arrange your itinerary, well don’t you worry. In addition to our self-guided tours and our custom tours we offer you private travel consultation with our team of local guides.

The travel consultation is for all of you who are planning or have already planned a trip to Bulgaria, but are not sure which places to visit or how to arrange your travels… Contact us and we can confirm which of the places you have chosen are worth visiting, we can give you an idea what activities would be the best for you and your friends or family or answer any questions you might have about your visit in Bulgaria! 


Why we offer this support?

After years of working as mountain guides and organizing cultural trips, along with travelling around Bulgaria, the Balkans, and Europe, we have gathered so much insider’s know-how that we are eager to share it with you, the travelers.

Each of us is a specialist in a different sphere (Bulgarian culture and history; adventures and mountains; extreme sports; hiking, trekking, camping, etc.…) and we all know our way around quite well.

We would be happy to share all the knowledge we’ve gained so far in our work as guides and help you get prepared with the necessary info so you can travel safely and independently around Bulgaria.

The rate is 25 EUR per 1-hour audio or chat consultation* (Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp), or half hour session for a rate of 20 EUR.

*All payments are due at least 48 hours in advance of the consultation.



Please include here as many questions as possible in order to guide us through the concrete
information you need. This will help us make the most useful session.

Margi had her first job as an accountant so long ago, that luckily she doesn’t really remember it. Ever since, she has been spending all her time in the nature, travelling, gardening and staring at the stars.
Sasho is a traveller by heart and a mountain guide by profession. His hobby is to explore new mountains, new places, new people and new business ideas.
Stella did her first big hitch-hiking trip around East Europe 10 years ago and ever since she just can’t stop travelling!
Maria is a certified tour guide, specializing in creating custom trips and memorable experiences in Bulgaria.