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Getting to Sofia – With WizzAir and RyanAir flying from all around Europe to Sofia and you can easily get here from many European cities. When confirming your booking make sure to check for additional fees and taxes which are often not included in the advertised rate. Also avoid sizeable baggage fees by researching each airline rules on hand baggage and luggage size. Packing light will help you avoid baggage fees and will help you get through the airport quicker!

Getting around – Sofia public transport system works very well if you are well armed with patience. The price for one way ticket is 1.60 lv and there’s several ways to get it. You can buy it from kiosks usually located at or near the stops and pinch the ticket inside the bus, trolleybus or tram. You can get it from the driver, but make sure you have the right amount of money. In trams and trolleybuses you can find a ticket machine inside, accepting coins. Once again, make sure you have the right amount of money, as the greedy machine doesn’t give change back.

The subway system (the metro) is newly constructed and it’s very foreigners friendly. The price per ticket is once again 1.60 lv and you can buy it from the ticket machines in the subway or from the designated desks. From the airport you can get a direct metro to the city center and the railway station.

Please check a map with the public transport system at this link.

Currently in Sofia you can also rent an electric car for the amount of 25 – 28  EUR per day, check here.

For taxi services please check further down where we explain how to avoid the “fake” taxi cars.

Regular prices for a taxi service in Sofia

Average price per km – 0.79 – 0.90lv

Starting fee – 0.79lv

Order fee – 0.79 lv

Easy ways to order a taxi

-> phone call – Yellow taxi (+359 2 91119); RADIO CV Taxi (+359291263)

-> APPs and Viber. (Yellow taxi app, Taxi Me App – all trusted companies in Sofia may send a car)

Travelling around Bulgaria – if you are a true explorer then we can definitely recommend the scenic train rides but still have in mind that the railway system of Bulgaria is one of the oldest in Europe and is not so highly efficient as in our Western neighbours. However, it is extremely cheap – crossing the whole country from Sofia to the sea capital Varna will cost you less than 12 EUR.

Another way to take the road would be by bus – check Sofia’s central bus station here.

Rent a car – if you prefer to explore the surroundings at your own pace and be free from any arrangements you can easily rent a car. The fees in Bulgaria are moderate and come with a high quality of the service. An average daily rate for a car is 15 – 25 EUR depending on the type of car. Most companies offer a weekend special rate. You can check one here.