Rila Monastery Self-guided Tour


The Number one cultural attraction of Bulgaria UNESCO World Heritage Sight with a millennial history




Our Rila Monastery self-guided tour is a complete guide for a thorough one-day visit of the Monastery.

Тhe self-guided tour includes:

  • Detailed descriptions how to get to Rila Monastery from Sofia using a car, shuttle or bus;
  • Suggestions for the way – possible stops (WC, food and drinks) and some bonus interesting places on the way;
  • Comprehensive historical information of the monastery;
  • Tour of the Monastery complex – architectural and historical data:
    • The Monastery four wings;
    • The Hrelio tower;
    • Main Church “Nativity of Virgin Mary”;
    • The Museum – including detailed description of our 6 favourite exhibits;
    • The Old Kitchen (Magernitsa) & Ethnographic exposition;

The information is carefully selected and filled with curious little known facts to make the most of your visit.

With directions and maps for each sight you will find it easy to navigate yourself and enjoy at your own pace.  

Our self-guided tour contains all you need to know for the Rila Monastery.

The self-guided tour is available in two formats:

  • Mobile version – which can be downloaded for mobile phone, tablet, etc.;
  • Printable A4 version – prepared for printing with settings set to minimize the quantity of pages.

Enjoy the Rila Monastery!