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Emergency phone number – 112

If you come from outside the EU but still want to use your smartphone, look for a SIM card that also includes data. Expect to pay about EUR 5-15 for a SIM that includes one month of data within the country. Be aware that many smartphones (especially iPhones) use smaller micro-SIM or nano-SIM cards. Make sure you get the right size card for your phone.

In Bulgaria there are 3 big mobile carriers (VIVACOM, MTEL & TELENOR) and all of them offer prepaid SIM cards with internet data included.

Please find some addresses for mobile shops situated in and around Sofia city center in the list below:

Vivacom shops – 34 Vitosha str, 86 Vitosha str., 18 Pirotska str., 113 Rakovska str., 16 Madrid blvd.

Telenor shops – 101 Stamboliiski str, 64 Vitosha str., 32 Graf Ignatiev str., 4 Sofiiski geroi str.

Mtel shops –  82 Vitosha str, 18 Madrid blvd, 153 Rakovska str.

Sofia has a lot of free Wi-Fi areas which you can check on this link –

  1. Avoiding theft and scams – Relax, you are safe in Sofia. Still, you want to make sure you improve your chances for a stress-free visit by following a few common-sense precautions. First, it’s best not to bring too much cash with you.Place your passport or identity card in a separate place from your money. If you are in a crowded place, better have the money and documents in your front pockets. Backpacks are comfy but are easily accessible outside of your sight. Avoid buying from or donating to charities to people in the streets.

When it comes to taxi scams – always check the prices of the taxi on the back right window. The average price per km should be anywhere from 0.79lv – 0.99lv, with a starting fee of around 0.79lv.

For more info on scams, please read our article “3 scams to avoid in Sofia”.