Margi had her first job as an accountant so long ago, that luckily she doesn’t really remember it. Ever since,  she has been spending all her time in the nature, travelling, gardening and staring at the stars. Margi’s life slogan is “Travel to live, live to travel”. And so she does!

Margi believes that more time you spend out in the nature, more inspiration to explore the wide wide world you get. So half of the year she works as ski instructor and ski touring guide and half of it as mountain and cultural guide for English- and Spanish-speaking travellers.

When on the road she always carries a little wooden spoon so she can try new exciting food and, of course, never stay hungry.

After many years of traveling and living abroad, Margi has found that her favorite place is her village.  A place with so many new things to explore and learn. The place where she settles down between the mountain & cultural guiding job.

“Get Self-guided” gives her the opportunity to share all the experience know-how she has with more and more people.